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Employee Directory

Management Team
Name (Click name for Bio)  Title Location Phone Email
Rex Cretella, CLU, MBA President/ Sales VP CT 203-245-7730
Mike Costello Treasurer/ Sales VP MA 978-590-0064
Mark Gage, CLU Executive VP/Sales VP MD 410-552-9300
Michelle Coppola Chief Operations Officer CT 860-783-8120
New Business Team
Name Title Location Phone Email
Maria Binette Case Manager CT 860-783-8118
Kristina Caufield Case Manager GA 860-783-8125
Meg Hanke Case Manager CT 860-783-8106
Michelle Fazzino Case Coordinator CT 860-783-8126
Heather Pearson Case Manager CT 860-783-8110
Vicki Zordan Case Manager CT 860-783-8117
Licensing / Contracting
Name Title Location Phone Email
Tammy Higgins Licensing Supervisor CT 860-783-8102
Ashley Chaia Licensing Specialist CT 860-783-8121
Administration/Accounting/Commissions Team
Name Title Location Phone Email
Brian Cruz Commissions & Sales Support CT 860-783-8116
Olivia Hyun Commissions Specialist CT 860-783-8115
Kathy Giard Executive Assistant CT 860-783-8111
Pamela Mosdale Accounting Supervisor CT 860-783-8105
Sales Team
Name (Click name for BIO)  Title Location Phone Email
Jeff Bell, CLU Sales VP CT 860-558-2221
Charlie Cella, CLU Sales VP FL 860-783-8104
Mike Costello Sales VP/Partner MA 978-590-0064
Rex Cretella, CLU, MBA Sales VP/President CT 203-245-7730
Joe Cunningham, CLU Sales VP NH 860-783-8114
Greg Douglas, CAP Sales VP CT 860-783-8123
Sal Fazzino Marketing & Insurance Professional CT 860-783-8122
Mark Gage, CLU Executive VP/Partner MD 410-552-9300
Kevin Gage Marketing and Insurance Professional MD 860-783-8127
Tom Kramer Sales VP GA 706-510-5799
Steve McLaughlin Sales VP CT 860-783-8109
Greg Nicoletti, CLU Sales VP CT 860-783-8119
David Pitney Regional Sales Associate RI 860-874-1570
Tony Plansky Sales VP CT 860-783-8108
Anthony Sarra Sales VP NJ 732-409-5099
Karen Tubin Internal Sales Specialist CT 860-783-8113
Garth Swartley, LUTCF, CSA Sales VP PA 610-944-8920
Guy Ziriak Sales VP NH 603-305-1886