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Disability Insurance

Disability Insurance helps to protect your most important asset, your ability to earn an income. Disability Insurance can protect that asset by providing monthly income in the event of a disability due to sickness or injury. Northeast Brokerage’s relationships with both Short Term and Long Term disability carriers can help you to tailor a plan for both your blue collar and white collar clients.

Business Overhead Expense (BOE) insurance reimburses a business owner for business expenses incurred during a disability. The policy is ideal for owners of small and medium-size businesses whose personal service is key to the continued earning of business income.

Business loan protection is also available which can provide protection to help pay monthly loan payments. It covers loans taken out for business-related expenses, such as purchase or expansion of a practice or business; including, purchase of a large piece of equipment or facility renovations. 

Disability Buy-Out Insurance provides benefit payment(s) to help with the purchase of a totally disabled business owner’s interest under a buy-sell agreement.

Key Person Replacement Insurance provides benefits to a business in the event a key employee who is critical to the success of the business becomes totally disabled.